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Recruiting & Retention

We’re your partner in filling your office with productive, successful real estate professionals. Our business model has all you need to recruit them and even more to keep them with you. We are the only high-commission, low-fee company to offer all the coaching, mentoring, technology and support you need to do the recruiting for you.

Some real estate companies make their profit on high splits, while others promise next-to-none but charge hefty fees. Realty ONE Group owns the middle lane.

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You have everything and then some to offer real estate professionals to take their careers to new heights.  We are the only high commission, ultra low fee company who offers all the coaching, mentoring, technology, and support all wrapped in ONE UNmatchable coolture.   

ONE Group of People


Anything really is possible at Realty ONE Group.  With the resources provided to you, you’ll have the Coolture, tools, support, and modern office that will draw real estate professionals along with buyers and sellers alike. Combined with the opportunity to belong, to give back to their community, and to earn the money they need to live the life that they want. 

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Cool + Culture = Coolture

Our culture means everything to us. It defines who we are and why we’re different and it guides us as we grow around the world. We value being together and know that to be productive, creative and good at our jobs, we need to enjoy what we do. By sharing this passion with each other, we’ve created a culture so unique, we made our own word for it – Coolture.

What Agents Are Saying

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We’re excited to show you why so many real estate franchise owners and real estate professionals are joining Realty ONE Group and feeding the excitement behind our brand. We invite you to be part of this movement. Thank you in advance for investing your time to learn more about Realty ONE Group!

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