You have an entrepreneurial spirit and you feel ready for an adventure. You know that owning and operating your own business can set you up for success and help you create the life you want.

What’s next? You can start from scratch with your own concept and business model or you can buy a franchise. Both have their benefits and their challenges. As an international franchisor with thriving locations around the world, we see the many benefits of franchising and we see the joy that it can bring to so many. Here are five reasons why buying a franchise is a good investment and can be the right decision for you. 

No. 1 – A Proven Business Model

Buying into an established franchise network, in most cases means you’re buying into a proven business model. There may still be risks but having done your homework, you’ll know what those are well in advance and it won’t be up to you to create and test the model.

Realty ONE Group is ONE of the premier real estate franchisors in the industry for many reasons, but ONE of the most critical reasons is that its CEO and founder, Kuba Jewgieniew, who is still at the helm of the organization, lived the life of a real estate professional – and he was incredibly successful.

New franchisees can trust that Jewgieniew and his leadership team are acutely focused on continuing to refine the model which is why Realty ONE Group was named ONE of the Top Recession-Proof Franchises.

No. 2 – Be Your Own Boss but Don’t Go It Alone

You may buy a business on your own, but you won’t be going it alone, especially with Realty ONE Group. The right franchisor offers an abundance of support in all forms and at all times.

Realty ONE Group offers business coaching – not just real estate training – via its ONE University (ONE.U) proprietary platform. But that business coaching and support extends through the Affiliate Development Consults (ADCs) who are your partners in business, to monthly masterminds and owner workshops as well as networking with other franchise owners around the world.  

And with excellent customer support and training on tools and technology, our franchisees have what they need to achieve greater success faster.

No. 3 – Start Small, Go Big!

For just a small initial investment, you should be buying into big-time potential. And when you buy a franchise, you’ll avoid so many start-up costs. You should also have already-profitable models you can follow and you’ll be able to learn from others what works and what doesn’t work.

Even after more than a decade and a half, Realty ONE Group still has a startup mentality and a scrappiness that has helped us and our franchises grow exponentially. And even in an ever-changing housing market, we continue to find new ways to help our franchise owners and real estate professionals be profitable.

No. 4 – We’ve Done the Research

You’ll still have plenty to do in terms of researching your best options when buying a franchise, but the footwork behind the actual business model should already be done for you.

You’ll have several get-to-know-you meetings when you initially consider buying a Realty ONE Group franchise. You’ll then have an opportunity to look through a comprehensive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and you’ll also be given a VIP tour of everything the brand offers. That means we’ve done a lot of the research for you.

No. 5 – Your Own Take on the Brand

Building a brand is a monumental task and can take years of time, resources, and budget. Buying into a reputable franchise network with a solid branding and advertising strategy then is a no-brainer. But make sure the franchise you buy gives you liberties to make it your own.

Realty ONE Group is known in real estate and beyond for its dynamic brand but also its approach to letting franchisees develop their own office culture, marketing assets, and more – ultimately taking the popular brand and running with it so it’s personal and has local appeal.

Are you ready to learn more about real estate franchising with Realty ONE Group? Get in contact with us for a confidential conversation!